Tip #5: Allow for freedom of speech

For every point, there would be a counterpoint. This creates balance and a point of view that is truly unbiased. Expose both viewpoints. Never suppress either side.

During the course of the tournament at Curbed, there was no shortage of “lively” discussions in the comments section. This became more “lively” when we kept on winning at every round and exceeding our previous record of votes. It was when we were winning that people have started to notice. When this happens, you’re naturally opening the doors for both praise and criticism. In every game, there is a winner and there is a loser. There’s no way around this. In the process of winning, it was evident we’ve upset some people who were also after the same thing.

Whether you are on the winning side or on the losing side, it’s important to allow others to speak their mind or voice their opinion. Listening to another’s point of view can put a different perspective on your own.

There are 2 types of criticism: Constructive and the other one  driven by Complaining/Whining. Constructive criticism can be used to help improve our game. The other kind of criticism wastes your time. Learn to recognize the difference.

I’ve learned early on in life, I can’t please everybody. I told myself, "This was my game. I can't live by the rules of someone else's game."

During the tournament, there was still the competition to be won. Focusing on other people’s perception of me will only take away my focus on the goal--winning. Also, most of the criticisms in that "lively" discussion were posted by "guests" who are hiding their true identities. I don't see it time well spent to be bothered by comments of unidentified characters. What's the point?

If you don’t want to win, then you might as well withdraw from it because you’ll only be wasting your time. Why be in a competition if you’re not aiming to win?

When you’re trying to accomplish something, always expect and prepare for an opposing view. However, believe that everyone, even you, deserve the chance to fly! Go, defy gravity today.

Here's a recap of the 7 Tips.


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