Social Architecture: Reinventing the Pod

"Architects Without Borders"

For a Feature Article in the June 2007 issue of Cadalyst Magazine, editor Kenneth Wong reached out to me to share ideas about the Open Architecture Network, Technology Trends in Architecture, and the social implications of humanitarian projects in architecture.

I shared my thoughts about my project, The Portable Transient Shelter Pods, a housing solution that was first designed for homeless seafarers in the Philippines. When that engagement fizzled, a non-profit NGO in British Columbia quickly grabbed the opportunity to use this idea for one of their disaster-stricken areas. Then came the Asian Tsunami that found another use for the Pods.

The design of the Pods was developed utilizing Building Information Modeling (BIM) Technology where everything is drawn parametrically. I used the software ArchiCad by Graphisoft, where it allowed me to make design decisions on materials, height limitations, and building connections, in the earliest phase of the project development. This streamlines the architectural phases that originally was driven by 2-dimensional thinking and production.

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Target Stores Sell the Wright Stuff


The audio book I launched last year about my Taliesin Experience is now available at all Target Stores in the USA. Target, in my opinion, is one of the leading stores that has a strong focus on making "good design" available to the general public---as opposed to limiting design to only a few in society. As they say for their store: "Step into any Target store in any city in the country, and you know exactly what to expect: high-quality, stylishly designed items plus all the essentials for your life, displayed in a clean, organized and welcoming environment."

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