Real Effects of Global Warming: An SOS

If you thought Katrina was bad, see what Ketsana (Typhoon Ondoy) and recently, Parma, did.

Katrina devastated the city of New Orleans, LA at the end of August 2005.


This year 2009 at the end of September, a strong typhoon Ketsana, locally named Ondoy, hit the Philippines on September 25. Then a week later, typhoon Parma hit Northern Luzon:

(photo by CZ Llave Plata)

This hits close to home, as these flooded streets which are more than six-feet high, were streets that I used to take either going to school or going to work. Below is a video of the road leading to my condominium in Alabang:

I've experienced a similar type of flooding in the 90's as an Undergrad architecture student at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila.

Two years ago, I gave a Keynote presentation for the United Architects of the Philippines during it's 33rd National Convention at the World Trade Center-Manila, specifically targeting Climate Change and the Environment.



I shared with my fellow professionals in the built environment the effects of global warming. In Ed Mazria's 2010 Imperative and 2030 Challenge, he showed the global effects of Climate Change. (http://www.architecture2030.org/) One of the informative aspects that can be drawn from this was the map he showed of how, on a global scale, flooding can occur.

I used this as a point of departure to go further and investigate how the Philippines, will be affected by flooding caused by Climate Change and Global Warming. The results of the finding were that Manila could potentially be submerged in water, far greater than what it has experienced in previous years. It is slowly becoming a reality as the nation is now afflicted with flooding as a result of typhoon Ondoy.

Two years later, this happens to Manila:


Global Warming affects everyone who lives in this planet. Just imagine the impact larger nations have in affecting change. The Philippines is a country that is about the size of Arizona (by acreage) when the islands are put together like one solid puzzle. What one does in one country affects another country across the globe.

Right now, the Philippines is in need of support for this catastrophic event. For those trying to help, I would suggest going directly to NGOs and other Non-profit organizations rather than directing your support to its government. This will ensure that it will reach those who are truly in need.

Beware of scam artists when considering sending donations.

Please follow me in Twitter for updates on where you can send your help.


Places to Donate Relief Goods in Philippines

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