After The Disaster: 6 Things To Do Immediately Following A Flood

(Taken from Restoration Industry Association)

The First 24 Hours is critical...

1. Get your family some place safe and secure.

2. Contact the Red Cross or your local chapter--they can supply temporary housing, clothing, food medications, etc.

3. Do not re-enter the building until declared safe by an emergency management official.

4. When able to enter the premises, remove valuables such as jewelry, medication (for replacement purposes only), clothing and important papers (e.g. birth certificates, marriage license, passports, credit cards, social security information, wills, insurance policies, driver's license, stocks & bonds, income tax records, mortgage papers & deeds). Do not remove food or cosmetics.

5. Secure the building to prevent further damage from weather or vandalism--e.g., screw plywood over windows, place tarps over open roof areas.

6. Shut off main water, gas, and electricity supplies.


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