What It Takes To Create A 21st Century Design Culture

A request was made that I post my recent speech for the United Architects of the Philippines' 33rd National Convention.

I'll let you in on one secret: These days, whenever I give presentations or deliver speeches, I rarely write a full text. My speeches are carefully prepared but delivered without notes or text. This is something I learned as a member of the Toastmasters International Club. What I do write is an organized Speech Outline* that contains 3 main points broken down to: an Opening, the Body, and a Conclusion. My speech during the convention was delivered using a combination of an Organized Speech Outline and Extemporaneous Speaking.

However, if you missed my speech and want to watch it, I think the UAP has a video-recording of it---I'm not sure but one can always check with them. Here's a commentary by Philippine Daily Inquirer editor Sylvia Mayuga about the speech:

Here's the Outline of my speech:

What It Takes to Create A 21st Century Design Culture

I. Introduction: The role of architects and design in the 21st century is changing.

II. Body

A. Acceptance

1. of Yourself: personal + cultural
2. of your Strengths and Limitations
3. of Change

B. Revolution: a design revolution

1. Building Information Modeling (BIM): ArchiCad
2. Historical Revolution in Architecture: by Frank Lloyd Wright +
3. New Materials and Methods

C. Environment

1. Global Warming and Climate Change
2. US Imperatives: An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore + 2010 Imperative**
3. Philippine Imperatives to engage: Architectural Schools, Building Industry, Government Policy

III. Conclusion: What does it take to create a 21st century design culture? It's what you A.R.E. You can conquer the Goliaths in your life/profession just like David if your God is as big as David's God.

There you have it. You asked for it therefore you got it.
* Competent Communication Catalog No. 225 of Toastmasters International, Inc.
** www.2010imperative.org


obbiejuan said...

Computer and I really don't go well together. I think I just lost my last posting. Let's start fresh again and disregard everything I posted earlier. I'm getting old and cranky but I have to get your attention. You like Gehry, I like Gehry. You like Wright, I'm ok with Wright. Let's talk about bahay kubo again. The universe is so delisciously mysterious, I don't know how you caught my attention. I will probably hear a lot about you in the future. Again, if you had seen or just wasted your time reading my other postings, I'm going to build a bahay kubo. Do you also like Philip Johnson?

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