The Makings of An Architect

As I celebrated my birthday this week, it made me reflect on how I came to be an architect. What were the influences in my life that lead the designs I create? Frank Lloyd Wright, as a child got his early exposure to volumes and spaces when his mother gave him the Froebel gifts. (http://www.froebelusa.com/theory.html)

Look at this chair that he designed for the Midway Gardens. You may wonder what kind of garden was it. Was it a manicured garden with Topiaries similar to the ones in the Palace of Versailles? Or was it a natural terrain resembling a Tropical Rain Forest? Well, interestingly this was actually a "beer garden" project.

If Froebel gifts were to Frank Lloyd Wright, then I would have to say that Lego Sets were to me.

And numerous hours of watching Voltes V:

I remember being able to sing the Japanese version of the theme song as a child, even though I did not understand what the words meant:
(courtesy of Youtube, please take credit)

So in retrospect, I wonder if these environments that I was subjected to had a subconscious influence on my Undergrad thesis project thirteen years ago. You be the judge:

(Bachelor of Science in Architecture Thesis Project. Circa 1995. University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines)


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