Abstract Language: Taliesin to Tagalog

The Wright Filipino Protege
(images by Mika Kondo + Nipa Patel): "The flags represent the generations of apprentices of Frank Lloyd Wright coming from all over the world. Standing right next to the Philippine flag is the Philippines' representative to Frank Lloyd Wright's laboratory."

A Giant Leap for the Philippines

Ten years ago, the vision that a Filipino architect would be part of the historical legacy of America's most celebrated architect Frank Lloyd Wright, was just that---a vision. Even the foundation of the Taliesin Fellowship started off with a vision for twenty-three apprentices in 1932. These generation apprentices span 75 years who in this day, live the legacy that Frank Lloyd Wright initiated.
(Read more about the recent "75th Taliesin Fellowship Reunion: Living the Legacy", in Metropolis Magazine)

The photo above illustrates a very poetic gesture. Numerous flags flanked the entrance to Taliesin West, the winter Home and Studio of Frank Lloyd Wright, during the reunion celebrations. The flags represent the generations of apprentices of Frank Lloyd Wright coming from all over the world. They came from the north to the south and the east to the west. But not until 1997 did this historical fellowship have a representative from the far eastern islands of the Philippines. I had just graduated from college, gotten my license as an architect, and worked with one of the biggest developers in Makati City, when I decided to act on this vision.

I remember this vision had meager funding but profuse ambition. When I went back to Taliesin West this November and saw the Philippine flag standing right next to the historical architectural landmark that is Taliesin West, I thought to myself: "This is like landing on the moon for the first time". It is like "one step for the Filipino architect, one giant leap for the Philippines."
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